What is dream interpretation?

Dream interpretation is the art of translating the messages your subconscious give to you using imagary in your dreams

Dreams are our minds way of processing the events, emotions, experiences and interactions we have in our waking life. Often the symbols can be confusing, understated, overstated and mostly – confusing. Our mind can only rely on our memories to make these mini movies for our self exploration. What we often don’t realise is our filing cabinet of memories is more expansive than we think. On an average day we are open to being influenced using any of our senses and then our subconscious uses all of that information we may not even recall in order to symbolise and compound profound messages to try to process what we feel.

The biggest lesson from dream interpretation is that you cannot hide your true feelings, regardless of how you may have become good at masking it in real life, when you’re asleep your dreams are no holes barred, all topics covered.

Dreams are your invitation to heal emotions that you may have ignored for a long time, a lifetime.

Dream interpretation sessions are not a therapy session, they are simply a translation tool to explain what your subconscious is trying to bring your attention to, it’s up to you if you want to do the work on that or not, but bear in mind, you are likely to keep having similar dreams or the dreams may become more intense if you don’t deal with the root cause of dreams. Remember this isn’t just about making your dreams sweeter, nicer and easier to handle, trust me, once you’ve slayed one dragon, another will come creeping out of the woodwork that you had forgotten about. But the more you deal with and handle your emotional trials as and when you are faced with them the easier it becomes and the more empowered you will feel.

Other dreams can be a little more complex and can often confuse the dreamer. I love it when a client says to me “I had the weirdest dream!” Nothing surprises me when it comes to dreams and I love to unpick each tiny detail.

The way a dreamer specifically explains their dream to me, tells me so much about the dream itself and what it symbolises for them. There can be deep rooted worries or anxiety that is being bought to your attention in your dreams. I analyse every aspect, every detail of your dream to give you a full interpretation of the hidden messages in your dream.

There are some common dreams that many dreamers have, and their meanings may surprise you. Check out this blog post to see what some of the common dream themes mean and see if you can identify them with your own.

Some people believe loved ones that have passed visit us in our dreams and I believe that to be true. My work and personal journey has led my dreams down an interesting path where many people’s loved ones have come through to me in my dreams, in fact some of my regular “visitors” have found this to be quite the loophole to connect with me!

If you are having dreams that seem to stay with you throughout the day, or maybe something in your day triggers you to remember a dream, then your dreams are probably trying to get your attention. What I mean by this is that your subconscious, your soul is trying to get you to understand the deeper meaning of something, and oftentimes our dreams can offer us solutions to problems we may be facing.

Dreams are a fascinating mysterious secret message spoken in a unique language that is only translatable for you personally, and I take great pride in the work I do with my clients to ensure they get the messages meant for them from each dream. Here is a sample of a What your dream is telling you sample that you would receive when you order your own personal dream analysis.

There are a few different ways you can get your dream interpreted by me. Firstly, for free you can fill in the form below, with as much detail as possible about your dream. I will then interpret your dream and email you links to the email address you provide, so you can check out your dream analysis either on my blog, podcast, social media or all. If you would prefer a more personal and private service, you can order a one-off dream analysis. These are £19.99 each (check out the sample to see what you can expect), or there is an option to sign up to monthly subscription in order to have many as many dream readings in a month as you like for £9.99 a month.

Don’t think you dream? Don’t remember your dreams? Check out this page for my top tips to remember your dreams.

Scary dreams, or anxiety triggering dreams? I can teach you how to control your dreams and change the narrative –WARNING!! this can be lifechanging (In an amazing way!)