What is life coaching?

    Life coaching is becoming more well-known and respected as an incredible tool to set specific goals, build self-confidence and improve each of the 8 core areas of a clients life; Relationships with family/friends, Career/business, Finances, Health (mind/body), Romantic relationships, Personal development, Fun/recreation, Spiritual (worldy impact/contributaion/fulfilment).

    An accredited coach will work within the Global code of ethics set out by the AC (https://www.associationforcoaching.com/page/AboutCodeEthics) to provide the client with a safe space to explore their own personal desires, goals, values and beliefs in order to set relevant and achievable goals, and then work with the client to implement startegies that work inline with the clients beliefs and values to achieve those goals, in all areas of life.

    How to find the right Life Coach.

    When looking for a life coach you should ensure the coach you are looking to work with has been accredited and registered with the Association for coaching, this means they have undergone specific training that is focused on the clients needs, they will have learnt tools and techniques to help the client achieve the best results and undergone comprehensive training and examinations. You should also ensure there is the likelihood of a good client/coach working relationship – this can be hard to realise until sessions have begun, but a credible life coach will offer a pre-session of some kind, which is a chance to meet with the coach (either in person or via video call) to introduce yourself, ask the coach questions you may have and have those questions answered.

    What life coaching is not

    Life coaching is not a form of counselling/therapy/healthcare and cannot diagnose or treat any health (physical or mental) issues. Instead, if a life coach feels their client needs to seek professional medical advice, they should inform the client immediately and depending on the severity of the health concerns, pause life coaching sessions until a medical professional has been contacted by the client and necessary treatment sought and obtained.

    How many sessions should I book?

    After your initial pre-session, you may have discussed with your coach your specific needs, at which point you will have an understanding of the realistic expectations of both you and your potential coach. Your coach will create a personalised plan based on your specific needs and requirements.

    Why Choose Findoway

    With Findoway you are getting an internationally Accredited Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach. Which means I have undergone excessive training, passed an exam assessed by qualified and certified coaches to ensure I am to the standard they would be happy to recommend on their website and go on to carry their name. But I am not just a JSCS Accredited coach, I am a real person, with real life experience that enables me to fully invest and empathise with my clients. I like to bring my own personality to the coaching sessions which my clients have said allows them to feel in a safe and trusted environment. Sessions are client led with my guidance, which means I help you to find the focus that you really desire, uncover the root cause of any obstacles and stay on track to succeed your goals, whatever they may be.

    Booking with Findoway

    The booking terms and conditions can be found here. To book a discovery call with Findoway, simply fill out the form below and I will be in touch to arrange a mutually agreeable time/location with you. After the initial introductory session, I will send you a formal agreement and a link to pay for and book your sessions. You can decide whether you would like to pay for individual sessions (pay as you go with a non-refundable deposit), monthly, six monthly or yearly. Paid sessions should not be booked until pre-session has been completed.

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    Introduction Call

    £035 minutes
    • Meet Your Life Coach
    • Learn what a life coach can do for you
    • Decide on an appropriate, personalised plan
    • Ask any questions