For the past decade I have been exploring the gifts we are all born with, but only some of us choose to enhance. I have spent those years working with a closed circle of people to develop my intuition, but most specifically my psychic awareness. Going back 20 years I would have laughed at this notion, but I never realised how in tune with it I had been at different points of my life, we all are! You know when you think of someone randomly and then they call, or you bump into them – psychic sense. When you think of something, and someone says it out loud – both of your psychic senses merging! We all have this sixth sense, but many of us either don’t believe it, don’t feel we need to enhance it, or are simply unaware it even exists. I used to be in the latter category, then I was in the first category always finding a logical solution for anything, until I wasn’t in any of those categories, and the desire to discover this side of myself grew to a powerful place where I felt I couldn’t even sleep without picking up on something. I have done mediumship readings, Tarot and oracle readings, reiki healing, I do dream interpretation, I do spiritual development coaching, all of these things are primarily led by my intuition and trusting a path as it unfolds before me and a consistent need to know more about the purpose of our existence and help others in this, at times, confusing, challenging life experience.

REWIND – As a child I could never get my head around the understanding of death I had been told by teachers, parents, grandparents, even peers. I could understand that a body, a machine, if you like, can become exhausted and stop working, but I couldn’t fathom where all the feelings, opinions, thoughts, experiences we have here go…it felt like such a pointless exercise if they simply stop. These thoughts stayed with me my entire life as I continued to listen to anyone’s beliefs about what happens when we die. This curiosity all really stemmed from a simple looking concrete bench in my Granny and Grandpa’s garden. It was weathered and worn with yellow hard moss on it, but there was also an engraving. A name and a date. I would ask my father who was this name on the bench, and why wouldn’t my Grandparents talk about him? Little by little I got bits of information out of my father about the name on the bench. It was my uncle who had been killed ten years before I was born. I became even more confused! A bench? I could be lucky enough to have someone love me enough to write my name on a bench, but no one would be willing to even talk about me?! I would effectively be forgotten.

I remember finding a ladybird crawling on the bench and I talked to it as if it was him. Asking all the questions, telling him my problems and feeling connected to this Uncle I never even met. Then any ladybird I saw was him. Over the years as I grew up this stopped. I kind of forgot too. Then, in 2011 I was being used as a guinea pig at a spiritual development circle (the only reason I was being used was due to my complete scepticism of the subject!) so I stood in front of 20 or so people all “practicing” their sixth sense skills. I remember thinking, come on on then, let me guess it’s an old lady or man and they love me? I was trying to understand how I would react and tell them all my grandparents are still alive and with that one man said, “I see fields, lots of fields, is there farming in your family?” I was surprised but not shocked as that could be something he knew from my surname at the time…then a petite lady with a freshly trimmed and highlight bright blonde bob said “I see a young man with you…he’s 18 and he is carrying a motorbike helmet” I instantly knew this was symbolic of my uncle! I admit I was totally flabbergasted!! I didn’t know what to say! I cried, I nodded and she said, “he just wants you to know he’s your guardian angel”. Then I began dreaming about him, every night he was there, without fail. I know he didn’t want to be forgotten. When my Grandparents, dad and other uncle pass away, no one would have carried on his spirit, because no one really spoke about him. I felt he reached out to me for this reason. To be remembered. Now, my children talk about him as if they know him, and he is very much alive in mine and my children’s lives. This whole situation led me to explore this ability I had become fascinated by..and as they say, “the rest is history”.

This journey for me, unlocked the best era of my life so far. My fears have lessened, my sense of self belief is continuing to grow, my relationships have improved, I feel surrounded by loved ones both living and passed…but most of all, my connection to something bigger, a higher understanding and co creating the life I desire and deserve has been magnified due to tapping into this inner power. Growing your intuition allows you to see, hear, feel and act on the metaphorical signposts the universe sends your way to direct you to the life you desire.

Using the knowledge, wisdom and skills I have reopened within myself, I help others do the same. Using techniques from my coaching education, along with spiritual practices from my development circle I help clients tune in and turn up the volume on their sixth sense. We will explore the blocks stopping you from tapping into this ability, and remove them. You will be intuitively led into and through your unique spiritual path with my guidance.
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