Common Dream Symbols

There are lots of common dream themes and below I have listed the ones I get asked about the most. The important thing to do when recalling your dream for the best understanding of what you are being shown and the best way to actually find answers in your dreams to your life situations or conundrums is to look at the finer detail of the dream. If in a dream you are pregnant, the finer details of the dream are the clues to what steps to take next, or what not to do. So learning the general symbolic meaning of common dreams can allow you time and space to focus on the finite details surrounding the main theme.

A bit like an Agatha Christie mystery, you know there has been a crime committed, but the smallest of details add up to finding the culprit, or in this case, the message.


Being Pregnant in your dream symbolises a new creative idea being birthed. Depending on the gestation of pregnancy can be significant in terms of the project itself. Allow this creative baby to be born.

Take note of; The gender of the baby, if you had a name for the baby, what stage you were in pregnancy, any complications, any symptoms, any fears, any excitement, what did you feel, what did you want to do with this situation?


Being lost in a dream, being disoriented, feeling far from home, can all be signifiying a great deal of overwhelm in your waking life. Are there a lot of decisions or responsibility being placed on you right now and you’re unsure of what to do, what to choose or even hoping someone else would come and help you out?

Feeling far from home in particular and longing to find your way home can symbolise that you need to ground yourself, you are out of alignment and need to realign in order to make conscious decisions that serve you and others for the best.

If you are dreaming that you are lost and looking for anyone to help you, then this can be a sign that you need to trust someone to help you make these choices, this will be showing you that there are people willing to help if you are willing to allow them.

Take note of: your surroundings; suburban, forestry, water, field etc as these will be able to help you pinpoint the area in your life that requires your attention the most right now. Also take note of anyone who comes to help you in your dream, anything that helps you find a way or a solution. Any significant weather changes in your dream, or terrain changes. Any animals or objects that you come into contact with whilst you are lost.


If you are seeing butterflies in your dreams, this can be showing an inner transformation within you or someone close to you.

Take note of; who is in this dream, who do the butterflies feel like they are showing you. What colour are the butterflies?


Everyone has different fears and therefore this section is named as anxiety because it will be personal depending on individual fears. If you are scared of heights and find yourself atop a tall building in your dream, or if you are scared of snakes and find yourself surrounded by snakes (and so on) then this dream is showing your fears over having a lack of control over something in your waking life.

Take note of: your reaction in the dream and the consequence (good or bad) of that reaction. Do you find a solution? If so, how? Who is in the dream as well, anyone you may recognise that you pass by, they can all be significant factors in why you are struggling with this fear or anxiety and then ultimately how you can begin to regain control.

The biggest take away from these dreams is that very often in dreams when the overexaggerated situations scare us in our sleep, it rarely has the terrible ending we fear. Whilst the fear is real and the fear is present, the outcome we may be afraid of in our dream doesn’t often come to pass. The dream may shift before we see what the outcome was going to be, but that in itself is a powerful message that whatever you may be fearing or anxious about, is unlikely to result in the worst-case scenario you may be afraid of, and that your perspective is likely to be shifted without you even realising and you will be focusing on something else before you know it.

Death in dreams

I hate these dreams! I have literally woken sobbing after a dream that someone close to me has died, but they are not premonitory, they are symbolising change. For example if you have this dream about one of your children, they are likely to be going through some kind of change, puberty, moving school, moving out, or it can be as simple as a change in attitude (good and bad). It can also symbolise the change in a relationship status between you and someone else, so if it is a friend that dies in your dream, maybe your friendship is about to change dynamics, or you may feel they are changing and you’re not sure how you feel about it.

Change, change, change. This is what this dream is about, so whatever, whoever it is, there is change you are trying to process and figure out. It can also be calling for a change in your perspective towards someone or something.

Take note of; who is in the dream, what happens to them? If it is sudden it could be an unexpected change in circumstances for someone, if it is not sudden it could signify a more longterm change i.e. moving out, moving away, job change etc

Water In Dreams

Water in dreams symbolises your emotions. there are so many different scenarios I have heard over the years involving water and so it really is dependent on the individual dream. The best way to understand what the water is symbolising is to look at what the water is doing. Is it calm and in the distance? This would signify that you have your emotions in check with whatever situation you are dealing with and are able to seperate your emotions from the logic of the current situation. If the water is showing in an aggressive of scary way that may mean you feel out of control of your emotions and it’s time to ground yourself and sit with your feelings in order to calm them. If you are drowning, you are feeling completely overwhelmed with an emotional situation and have no idea how to find a way out of this. This is where dream control can really help (contact me for more info) when you can begin to control your dreams you are able to understand that in your dream you can breathe underwater if you like, or you can make a solution appear. Once you begin to make solutions appear in your dreams, you will understand the way to help your situatio in your waking life!

Take note of; Is it a body of water or rain or a shower? What is the water doing? Is there anything in the water? Is there anything anchoring you? If so, what?