Feeling disconnected from your teen? See how teen life coaching can heal your family

You’re not alone…at least one in five families in the UK currently face challenges with teenager relationships.

These are some of the things many of these homes are experiencing.

  • Arguing all the time

  • Mood swings

  • Isolating themselves

  • Dramatic changes in behaviour

  • Negative home environment

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Restlessness

  • Lack of trust

  • Lack of empathy

  • Lack of compassion

  • Poor communication

However, what if I told you there is a simple solution to this?

Who am I?

My name is Rebecca Galloway and I specialise in teen life coaching.

Providing parents and their teens coaching to raise self-awareness, accountability, improved communication and clarity within their relationships

I have created a downloadable PDF with some tried and tested techniques to improve your relationship with your teenager today!

With this download you will see how you can regain that loving relationship with your teenager.

  • Regain Respect

  • Feel more positive

  • Encourage better decision making

  • Enhanced Empathy

  • Calmer atmosphere

  • Improved communication

  • Self-awareness

  • Accountability

  • Improved mental health

  • Greater understanding of one another

  • Reconnect

  • Feel happier


Respect is important in any relationship, whether it’s with a partner, a child or your hairdresser. Respect is built through your experience with each individual. We can respect someone’s ability as a hairdresser, or we can respect our parent’s role in us being born, regardless of our opinion of how they choose to live their life. Then there is reciprocated respect. This is far more important in close relationships. We want to feel our values are respected, even if not shared. This can be the breaking point of many parental/teen relationships as your child begins to test your boundaries you may naturally feel a lack of respect. So how do you rebuild this fundamental pillar of your relationship?

Feel More Positive

Feeling positive is vital in all areas of our life. It is a great idea to enter into any and all situations with a positive and hopeful outlook. But when a relationship has been challenged, we can often (rightly) assume or predict the outcome of a conversation or situation based on previous experience. “Once bitten twice shy”. So how do you look at a negative situation with a genuinely positive outlook?

Encourage Better Decision Making

One of the most frustrating things we can watch our children do is make poor life choices. We love them more than they could ever imagine, and we too have experienced the struggles they may face, so why don’t they use our knowledge and experience to help make the transition into adulthood easier for themselves?

Enhanced Empathy

A teenager with empathy is a true hidden treasure…why? Empathy is the understanding and being able to share the feelings that someone else is experiencing. Our children have quite probably not had the same experiences we have had in their short lifespan this far, and we are thankful of that. However, it can make empathy a little harder for them to understand. How do you enhance your teenagers empathy?

Calmer Atmosphere

Our homes are our safe space. The place we come to relax, unwind and shut the world away when it’s all getting too overwhelming, so how can you make home feel like a safe, calm place you retreat to if it feels like a battlefield you didn’t sign up for?

Improved Communication

I can guarantee if we were to look back on your relationship with your teen, the problems all stemmed from one miscommunication, followed by another, and another until communication was completely broken down and assumptions and opinions likely replaced the sharing experience of conversation. So how do you undo this tangled web of misunderstanding?


Is your teenager really aware of the severity of the situation at home? Are they aware of the importance of respect/boundaries/trust? Are they aware of the part they have played in this situation? How do you enlighten a teenager to become aware of their cause and effect in any and all situations they are a part of, from this relationship to all of their relationships and choices in their life?


Becoming accountable for one’s actions is vital to making better life choices moving forward. Our teenagers can often blame anyone and everyone for things that happen in their life, but becoming accountable for their part goes hand in hand with self-awareness and helps them to feel more in control, build confidence in a positive way, and encourage better decision making.

Improved Mental Health

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that mental health is so incredibly important. Understanding your teenagers mental health, along with your own is vital to improve your relationship. Allowing a safe place to voice issues and concerns is vital to helping improve not only your relationship with your teenager but strengthen both yours and their mental health. But how do you begin to even start the process of improving yours and their mental health?

Greater Understanding of One Another

It can be easy to begin improving realtions with your teen, but how do you continue to understand one another moving forward so that you can go onto have a strong, trusting and loving relationship with them? How do you avoid slipping back into old patterns of behaviour and poor communication?


You may feel like you have completely disconnected from the child you raised. They may become unrecognisable to you at times. How do you reconnect and stay connect to the child you have loved and nurtured and will do for the rest of their life?

Feel Happier

Let’s face it, all we want for ourselves and our children is to be happy. So how do you go from a hostile, volatile situation to happiness?