Water in Dreams

Water in dreams, like in real life, can take many forms. The chaos and dramatics and other elements of our night time private mind movies can really add emphasis over what this dream is trying to tell you.

As mentioned many times before, a proper dream analysis takes into consideration every detail of the dream, but what water is doing in your dream can symbolise the general theme.

Rain in a dream: pay attention to how you feel, are you trying to escape the rain, is the rain heavy and harsh, or is it a refreshing shower. The desire to escape the rain, symbolises an emotional break is needed in your waking life. Things have become heavy and it may seem like there is no “let up”. This is a red flag for the need to take a break.

A refreshing shower on the other hand would signify quite the opposite, a time of emotional ease and a much needed shift in energy.

If there is any type of body of water in your dream, pay attention to its state. Is it choppy? Is it still? Is it eerily calm? Is it frozen?

Choppy water would symbolise a current disruption you are struggling with or make sense of.

Still water would show that even if life may be challenging, emotionally you are coping well.

Eerily calm water can symbolise anxiety, fear, paranoia – Why is it eerie as opposed to beautifully calm? Are you overthinking or overly worried a situation in your life that you cannot control or may not even require this level of attention or energy? This type of water in a dream can also symbolise an element of denial, trying to remain calm when something is lurking beneath the surface that needs to be addressed.

Frozen water in a dream symbolises you are having difficulty being forthcoming with your emotions in a situation or may be coming across as somewhat “cold”.

Water can often be in the background of a dream scene. For example, you could be walking somewhere and either sense you are near a lake or the ocean, but it isn’t taking precidence. In this example, it would suggest that whilst this may be a situation that requires a level of emotional engagement, you are able to keep your logic and emotion seperate. If in this instance, you feel fearful of the water you cannot see, it could suggest that you are trying to push down feelings that are about to surface, regardless of how hard you ignore them. This is a good sign, because it is forewarning you that you need to address your emotional standpoint in this situation and maybe call in some extra help with the situation before it overwhelms you.

Drowning in your dream can be terrifying both whilst you’re dreaming and when you wake from it. These dreams often mirror the emotions you have towards a situation. This will be a dream that you are likely to be able to know exactly what it is referring to. It will be a situation in your life that you feel completely out of control of and utterly overwhelmed by. These dreams always symbolise a time to ask for some help. Lessen the load and ease the burden you are carrying around.

As always there are ways to help yourself, even when you sleep. Dream control is my favourite thing to do and teach, and it can really give you all the answers you need to change your life. For more on dream control and the courses I offer on this, email hello@findoway.co.uk