Refunds/cancellation policy

When booking an individual session, you will be required to pay the cost of a session x2. This is to cover the cost of one session (£50) and an initial non-refundable deposit, which will be used to cover the cost of the final session. Should you cancel your appointment, the coach will seek to rearrange where possible, however, if there have been less than 48 hours’ notice, the deposit will cover the cost of the missed session and another deposit will be required to book future sessions. After the initial session +£50 non-refundable deposit has been received, your coach will give you a separate link to pay for the next session.

When booking a monthly package (a saving of £200 per year), you will not be required to pay a deposit, however any missed/cancelled sessions will be in the first instance rescheduled where possible, however there will be no ‘extra’ sessions to cover the cost of missed/cancelled sessions if less than 48hours notice given and your scheduled future sessions will continue as planned.

In the event of persistent rescheduling, the deposit for individual sessions may be retained and if an agreeable solution is not found, the client/coach relationship may cease in the best interests of the client. Part of the coaching agreement is commitment on the client’s part to participate, engage and attend all sessions in order for the coaching sessions to be most beneficial.

If a coach feels the client is not engaging, by way of being distracted (mobile phone usage) during sessions, the coach may cut the session short making the client aware of the reason and only in the best interests of the client. This session will still be fully chargeable and not obliged to be rescheduled in the interests of the client. (It is in the best interests of the client to gain as much as possible from each session, which requires engagement and participation)