Post Pandemic Effect

Venturing back into the big wide world and chatting to friends, clients and even strangers, I noticed a few similar questions or conundrums

(maybe it’s the moon having a similar effect on us, but I too can relate!)

Let’s discuss

Hello post pandemic problems

Firstly lets take a moment to recognise that the entire world has been through an enormous shake up since 2020 when the pandemic became a very real problem for everyone! As we enter 2022, the possibility of getting back to some kind of “normality” became a strong liklihood, but what if you didn’t want to get back to what had become your normal? What if in that time you had realised you didn’t miss certain “normal” things? What if you didn’t care if the day began and ended with you in the same pjs you had been wearing for the past 72hours? What if? what if? what if?

Besides the obvious uncertainty and worries that came with a global pandemic, there were many questions individually running around our minds. What if I don’t get a table at my favourite restaurant for this celebration? Well, nothing. Almost all of us experienced a birthday, Christmas or celebration of some sort stuck at home, maybe virtually celebrating with loved ones, or blaming internet connections when we wanted to bury our heads and continue to ignore the world.

What if the dream job wasn’t proving so dreamy when taking a step back from it? Working from home has it perks, but if we could all work from home, is this the job we would choose to do?

What if I miss interacting with people? What if I got familiar with my own company and preferred it? What if I realised what the toxic relationships in my life are, and now don’t have the energy or time to want to commit to them?

Everything we thought we knew, everything we relied on for routine, structure, comfort, relaxation, distraction etc, was all thrown into chaotic meltdown! Anyone and everyone had to change the way they lived, dealt with stress, ignored stress, interacted with others, socialised, reenergised, relaxed, celebrated. Not one area of day to day living was left uneffected. Now as we begin to resurface into a world that at one point just under a couple of years ago felt apocolyptic, what we care about and how we prioritise has changed.

Our perspective has shifted. We realise time is fleeting (except when you’re stuck at home) and so what we spend our time thinking or worrying about matters, and the rest can stay in pre 2020 life.

Another thing I think is that globally we are energetically shifting, and quickly. I think we are evolving as our lead characters much more efficiently. What I mean by that is, to become the person we want to be, we are taking action. This leaves little room for small time dramas. Taking everything in our stride is something we must learn to do if we are to keep our eye on the prize. It’s as if we have been given a second chance at living with purpose and whether or not we take it depends on how much baggage we can carry forward with us.

At times like this you may find your dreams become more vivid, or you ‘zone out’ more often when you’re awake as you are being soul led in a direction, very often your brain needs time to catch up or switch off.

You may very well be experiencing a spiritual awakening – but the key thing to note here, is that this life experience isn’t about having one soulful epiphany and boom you’re spiritually awakened. It’s about understanding there are many pivitol times in your life when you feel a shift, guided and enlightened, which can lead on to many more epiphany’s. Or it can land you back in the day to day with an awareness you didn’t have before as you try to make sense of the knowledge you feel you now have, along with the real life problems you also have – how do you use that knowledge to improve your day to day – that’s the lesson here, surely?

Accepting fluidity and change is a big part of being human. If you can go to bed, excited to see the version of you tomorrow brings, and what changes in your perspective from the previous versions of you, you are well on your way to feeling more satisfied and less stressed with the small stuff.