What can you expect from parent coaching?

Parent coaching involves an initial consultation with the parents to establish the desired outcome and understand your unique “Family Etiquette”.

Next, I sit with your child/teen/young person and find out what their desired outcome would be. You may initially think the child would be less than forthcoming, however, when they see I am asking how we can improve their life, and allow them the space and security to share their perspective on their relationship with you (their parents), you will be surprised how an unbiased ear can help them come out of themselves.

When I see what the target outcome is for all parties, I spend 3-5 (usually non-consecutive)  days (usually 4-5 hours) observing you and your child. Please note – I am not in anyway judging your parenting in this time, I am simply looking for inconsistencies with the goal you are trying to achieve and the actions you are taking, along with the desired conditions your child shared and inconsistencies in their actions so that we can see how communication may have broken down.

When you share with me your own personal “family etiquette” (as I like to call it), this will be made up of non-negotiable rules you expect your child to abide by. For example, it could be No shouting, using good manners, or being more respectful towards you or their siblings. We delve into your perspective of respect, discover why it may be lacking from your child and find ways to improve it. The reason I have called it Family Etiquette, is because if we try to adhere to social, generational or even communal etiquette, we will never be able to please everyone, everywhere, so we narrow it down to what would make life more pleasant simply under your roof.

If you were to suggest an outcome I believe is not in the best interests of your child or a wider community, I will explain my reasons and find an alternative solution, this can be discussed in more detail at first consultation if necessary.

Once I have observed and figued out the kink, we will together find the right strategy to starighten things out for your entire family using tried and tested techniques.

I look forward to helping you and your family reconnect