How To Remember Your Dreams

At least every other person I speak to about dreams says, “I don’t dream!” or “I can never remember my dreams”.

There are many reasons why someone may not remember their dreams, the most common two reasons being:

  • A hectic life
  • A desire to remain emotionally in check

The first one is the one most people will readily admit to, but even people with the most hectic of schedules can remember their dreams if they chose to. But sometimes your mind has to remain so focused on your daily activities that you have simply, subconsciously, stopped yourself from remembering your dreams for ease.

The second is the most common reason but the one people are less willing to admit to. Dreams trigger emotions. If it’s a scary dream, it triggers fear, if it’s a lustful dream it triggers, well, lust. If it’s a happy dream it triggers happiness and wishful thinking and so many more emotional responses are triggered by simply dreaming that again a focused mind cannot allow itself to become distracted by these.

Thirdly and interestingly, I have also found that the most manipulative people I have met, struggle to remember their dreams, again this is a way of being able to control their emotional responses to ease the feeling of guilt or shame.

Ok, so you have realised the magic of dreaming! You know that you can literally change your life when you begin to control your dreams, (ok you may not have read that much into dreams at this point, but this is a cool by-product of dreaming I had to mention for anyone deciding against bringing their dreams back!) but one step at a time…Everyone dreams. So, stop telling yourself you don’t dream. You just don’t remember them, there is a huge difference. If you tell yourself, you don’t or can’t do something, you have already made that conscious choice, and let’s not forget dreams are bringing our conscious and subconscious together. So, from this moment forward when asked about your dreams you simply struggle to remember them – but that’s about to change!

There are lots of herbal teas and essential oils you can try to induce more vivid dreams in order to fully feel the immersive effects of dreams, but I think if you are here you are likely bordering on the need for a logical solution before taking the homeopathic route (which by the way I 100% trust and believe in and will do a whole separate blog post on that another time!). For now, we will stick to habit forming methods.

When we introduce a new habit into our life it can either encroach or enrich, depending on the habit. But habit forming in a positive way can really reinforce whatever it is you are trying to do. The new habits you are going to form in order to recall your dreams are small, simple adjustments to your bedtime and morning routine that will enable you to achieve your goal.