Dream interpretation and life coaching

Dream interpretation is a wonderful way to understand what your subconcious is trying to bring your awareness to in your waking life. Our dreams are simply a way of processing the daily happenings in our life, which can be groundbreaking in itself when you begin to hear the messages replayed back to you in the way of your subconciouss voice, it will tell you with no holding back how you really feel about a situation, and even how well (or not) you are handling something. But sometimes we can actually get answers in our dreams to life’s problems

Have you ever had a situation that felt impossible to get your head around, or maybe you found it should have a simple solution but you just couldn’t quite figure it out. When you begin to understand the subliminal messages in your dreams you will be surprised at how often the solutions are presented to you while you sleep!

Dream interpretation is a great tool for unpicking all the emotional hang ups, but what do you do with that information? That’s where dream interpretation and life coaching work beautifully together. Once you have had your dream interpreted a certified life coach can then help you to find the ways to actually act upon the solutions presented to you in your dreams.

The role of a life coach is not to solve all of your problems for you, but to be an unbiased and non-judgemental sounding board to work together with you to find the best solution for your needs. A good life coach will be trained to forsee how many different scenarios could play out so that you are able to choose which would work best for you.

For a while I was merrily doing dream interpretation and life coaching seperately, but then as they naturally began to cross paths as people that usually asked about coaching would begin mentioning their dreams or people asking about their dreams began asking for help acting upon the messages in them I saw the divine correlation between the two and couldn’t believe I hadn’t put the two together before! So, whether you are a vivid dreamer wanting to know what you are being shown in your slumber, or you’re looking for guidance and support whilst using your dreams as a compass I’ve got you covered!